Gong Gong Crackers

Gong Gong is one of the seafood favourites when you are venturing into batam cuisine, - well, it is now officially Batam's special delicacies. After being 1000 kg was cooked and consumed to create the Indonesian MURI records chamber in recently in December 2011. By the way, did I mentioned it is a SEA SNAIL? Its best eaten with chili sauce, but when mixed with prawn in the form of crackers - its perfect - Don't miss it !!

Kropok Kapsul Warna Warni

Simply for fish lovers, with the size of easy swallow crackers- packed specially by AIA for you !!

Leaves Peyek

Deep fried leaves with our special batter - with a choice of Spinach (Bayam) leaves or for extremers, the sesame leaves (Daun Sirih) - packed by AIA

Kropok Ikan Moro

For fish lovers - specially fried from Moro islands - it is the famous fish drop crackers - packed by Pagoda

Peyek Ikan Bilis

A contemporary snack for asian, made freshly from ikan Bilis and peanuts - a classic best seller !! You simply can't stop when you pop

Colored Fish Drop Crackers

Made from fresh fish - on eof our classic favouritesfreshly packed by Top Mandala

Smoked Banana Kropoks

Smoked Banana crackers - only in Indonesia- packed by AIA

Kue Kapik lipat

Coconut roll - folded- packed by AIA

Other assorted raw kropoks

Assorted raw kropoks