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LAYERS History & Milestones

    It all started in 2003. Inspired by Grand Mom Aini's home recipe, young ms Ann started to bake her very first kue lapis in her own kitchen in Baloi, Batam. She was but a new house-wife, trying her best to fulfil her hubby's crave on kue lapis. It was a total failure - Ha ha - It looked like a log cake rather than the infamous thousand layer cake. She kept her gear, and continue to try - modifying much of the family recipe - After few legendary failures, in one solemn evening, the Lamoist Layers Layer cake was born. Mr 'Ann' brought her wife's new recipe to his badminton gathering - and everyone love it.

    In 2004, the first LAYERS outlet was opened in BCS MALL (BATAM CITY SQUARE), facing back area.In 2005, LAYERS moved to the current Block B12 no 1 @ BCS MALL Ground Floor.

    In 2006, LAYERS opened its second outlet in Nagoya Hill Mall Food Street - A&W Area /beside Pop corn. It was named 'WANG LAI' point. It was the first and only Kue Lapis Specialist in Nagoya Hill, offering fresh bean puff / pias and kue lapis. The Lamoist become everyone's favourite at the year end festive celebrations- and are widely served and enjoyed as festive delicacies. Well, Indonesian born cake is actually loved and craved by everyone - but only on festive seasons

    In 2009, LAYERS expand its service to HARBOUR BAY CITY WALK - near the Departures to the International Ferry Terminal. Our customers started to enjoy the easy pick up service offered here. They arrived from Spore early, preorder the cakes, go for good shopping trip and relaxations, then pick up the cakes on their way back to Spore.

    In 2010, the Kepri Mall service point was opened to cater for expatriates and everyone who live near the Sukajadi area. The address is at Food Street near Gate 2. It also acts as the pick up point for customers residing at Batam center and Nongsa area

    Our second Ferry Terminal Pick up and Sales point was opened in 2011 in Sekupang International Ferry Terminal - Departures (lev 2), which enstrangthen our commitment in bringing excellent cake and service to our Singaporean friends

    In 2011, our outlet in Nagoya Hill Mall was too small to serve increasing numer of customers. It then expanded to the corner area near escalator to Hypermart @ food street. It was also marked by the birth of traditional kue lapis range, for those who can't get the spiced flavors of their mind when talking about kue lapis. This is also the year where LAYERS BATAM was awarded recognition by the GOLDEN CHURN butter Manufacturer in Australia for using their best quality butter

    Our latest additions to the pick up service / sales is on Mega Mall Batam Center First Floor - near Kolekta Resto , perfect for those who is leaving Batam through Batam Center Ferry Terminal

Our Humble Homemade Kitchen


    - means the kue lapis is baked layer by layer on individual 20x20cm trays.

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