Q1. Where can we get your Kue Lapis?
A1. Virtually everywhere in Batam ! You can come, taste, or pick up at any of our six(6) outlets found in malls and Ferry Terminals across Batam. Or you can opt to be delivered anywhere in Batam.

Q2. Can I order your Lamoist / Layers Batam Kue Lapis if I do not have time to visit the malls?
A2. Yes - You can always call our LOCAL TOLL FREE hotline 08001-LAYERS / 08001-529377 or 00778 7LAYERS / 7529377 or 0819237616 , or even email us on for delivery arrangements. You can even Whatsapp (+628111111778) or YM ( us.

Q3. Is there any additional delivery charges for deliveries?
A3. Its free for delivery at city area and additional charges for some remote places unless the minimum quantity is met.

Q4. What are the minimum order to qualify for free delivery?
A4. During weekends, the conditions are as follow:
For City area / old CBD (Nagoya, Jodoh, Baloi)the minimum order is 2 pcs full size kue lapis or equivalent (4 halves)
For Batam Center (up to kepri Mall area), Bengkong, & Tiban , the minimum order is 3 pcs full size kue lapis or equivalent (6 halves or any combinations)
For Batam Center (after kepri Mall area)& Muka Kuning, the minimum order is 4 pcs full size kue lapis or equivalent (8 halves or any combinations)
For Sekupang & Waterfront, the minimum order is 4 pcs full size Kue lapis or equivalent (8 halves or any combinations)
For Nongsa & other Batam destinations, the minimum order is 7 pcs full size kue lapis or equivalent (14 halves or any combinations)

Q5. Can I ask for free delivery if I buy only one piece kue lapis during weekdays?
A5. It will depend on case to case basis, dependant on how far you area. Generally, we are more than happy to serve you on any occassions.

Q6. What are the surcharges for delivery when we do not meet minimum quantity?
A6. It is case by case basis, depend on quantity and location. Please whatsapp us for more details.

Q7. If I have special request like additinal bags or toppings or flavors, how do I go about it?
A7. You can always call our hotline 0778 7LAYERS / 7529377 or Toll free hot line (08001LAYERS/08001529377) or whatsapp us +628111111778, discuss on your request (There might be additional charges).

Q8. I am not sure where my hotel is located- how?
A8. You can always call our hotline 0778 7LAYERS / 7529377 or 0819237616 or whatsapp us +628111111778 for any information.

Q9. Why does the Layers Kue Lapis I buy taste different from my friend's?
A9. If you are comparing the same grades, that should not happen. Only physical difference may occurs. We are very strict in our recipe, and try our very best to maintain our home made quality. However, there are different grades of kue lapis sold in Batam, which of course will taste different when compared. Your cakes and your friend's might be different in that aspects. Higher grade kue lapis, is of course , more expensive than the standard ones.

Q10. How many grades of Kue Lapis do you sell?
A10. We have various flavour with our kue lapis, but mainly, it is divided into the 4 grades, which is:
Standard grade - Traditional Kue Lapis ( available in original, Prunes, cheese, chocolate, Mocha, Cinnamon, and Pandan flavour)
Premium grade - Lamoist Kue Lapis ( available in original and prunes)
Premium Plus Grade - Latest additions, currently available only in Durians, Chocovaganza Plus
Gold Grade - Checkers Lapis ( Not available in halves, must preorder and confirm , the finest recipe we can offer)

Q11. How do you compare your kue lapis with other grades in the Batam markets?
A11. If you are looking for taste, then there is no comparison. You cannot compare Orange to Grapefruit, right? Hence, we do not compare our Lamoist premium range with any other brands in Batam. If you really want to compare, try our Traditional kue Lapis with others. You will find minimum difference in taste, while vast difference in price. No middlemen means all the costs go to the ingredients = better value for customers).

Q12. How do you compare your own Lamoist premium range with your Traditional standard range?
A12. Lamoist is made with pure Australian Butter, i.e. Golden Churn from Ballantyne Australia (We are the only one in Batam with certificate of authentication since we REALLY use a lot, not only displaying them) but with less sugar, while Traditional is made from local butter and margarine. Texture-wise, the Lamoist is way more moist than the Traditional ones, and directly indulge your taste bud with its rich butter taste. While the Traditional ones are similar to the kue lapis you easily found in Malaysia, Singapore, or any other part of Indonesia, as it is sweeter, with a hint of cinnamon.

Q13. How do we differentiate the Lamoist and the Traditional Kue Lapis?
A13. The full size boxes is different. Lamoist is purple/maroon colour with golden Layers logo Emboss, with vertical and horizontal cross section marking as follow:
Premium Kue Lapis
While the Traditional one is simple brown orange box. with top layer design in diagonally cross sectioned (with dotted design) as follows:
Layers Kue Lapis

Q14. How experienced are you in handling kue lapis?
A14. The recipe originated from Medan, which is the origin town of Kue Lapis and Honeycombe cake, from the humble kitchen of Mrs Aini since 1980s. In 2005, her daughter in law (our boss) improved the taste and opened our first branch in BCS mall, which is the FIRST Kue Lapis Retail Shop in Batam. The business has grown to-date, with 6 outlets to serve our enthusiast customers across Batam, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Q15. How do you ensure the freshness of kue lapis sold at your outlets?
A15. We implement First-In-First-Out method, and circulate the kue lapis across the outlets with our motorbike delivery men. the average shelf time for our kue lapis before sold is 1.5 days during weekdays. While in weekends, its 100% fresh, even hot !! Currently, we are the only one implementing this, since we bake and sell direct, not re-seller or single shop baker.

Q16. How long have you been doing above freshness ensuring method?
A16. We started in 2010, when we opened our 3rd outlet. The overhead was too high in the past (risk of returned / unsold cakes). With this method, we ensure minimum cake exposure to the environment, ensuring better freshness and quality to our customers. Which is also why we can implement NO PRESERVATIVES. This is what make our customers come back to us. Giving assurance, honesty, and value to our customers.

Q17. Do you give assurance to the freshness of the kue lapis you sell?
A17. We guarantee the quality to exceed our customer's expectation. In the event of such case, simply bring us the receipt and the cake ASAP for replacement. If it's purchased during weekends, no replacement will be given, as we serve only 100% fresh cakes in weekends.

Q18. Has your customer ever buy your cakes on weekends and try to replace them?
A18. Yes - However, it could not be helped, as our cakes sold during weekends are 100% fresh, the boxes are printed with instructions of handling the cake if it is hot, and our sales attendants will always remind the customers to naturally cool the cakes down. If the cakes are received while hot, and are not cooled naturally, water moisture will form, and returned to the cake, damaging the cakes in 2-3 days time. This is off course out of our hand :-)

Q19. Why is it better to pre-order your cakes?
A19. We do not take kue lapis from our outlets for pre-orders - in fact, we guaranteed the pre-ordered cakes are 100% fresh. We implement bake-to-order policy for pre-orders. They are also marked 'DIRECT KITCHEN'.

Q20. Can we get your cakes through third party - Do you consign your cakes?
A20. No - We sell our Layers Batam layer cakes directly to maintain the quality. We are unable to extend our handling training to external parties at present. Any cakes bought not direct from us is solely your own discretion and liability. There are some cases where middle man get our sales attendant to sell Traditional Layer Cakes, change the lid with the Lamoist Premium Layer Cakes and sell it at higher price. They have been heavily punished, and such practice should never happen again at any of our outlets.

Q21. What is the best way to avoid such practice?
A21. You can simply ask for receipt. All our receipts are printed with our logo, and therefore, should assure you of such practice. The receipt should have prices adheres to our brochures. If not, you can help us by bringing / emailing them to us for investigations.

Q22. What are the operating hours of your pick up points or delivery times?
A22. Operation times differ from outlet to outlet. However, we can always do delivery from 0800h to 1700h. Anything else is still possible with no extra charge, but must be confirmed during the ordering time.

Q23. Do you deliver to Singapore?
A23. No more. We used to do delivery every week by sea cargo. The cost is $5 per box with MOQ of 10 pcs. However, the risk is too high, we have some complaints from customers, and therefore has decided not to use their services.

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A24. This section has been removed by administrator due to non updated contents

Q25. Can we get discounts for 10 pcs cakes delivered to Singapore?
A25. No. This is because we will need to specially pack the cakes, with special cartons to ensure the cake is ok during the delivery.

Q26. Can you deliver direct to Singapore by hand carry?
A26. Yes, we have engaged third party delivery guys, charging at $8 per box with minimum order qty of 2 bigs. The process can be initiated by WHATSAPP to +628111111778, stating your type, qty, date, and Venue. We will advise the amount for your bank transfer, and if confirmed, we will advise you the contact number. The Guy will usually contactable from 1100 AM to 1400, and you can arrange the pick up with him.

Q27. Which delivery arrangements to Singapore do you recommend?
A27. For sea cargo arrangements, NO- We currently only serve returning customers who had tasted our cakes or know our quality. This is because there is 2 days cargo time, and hence, the cake quality will decrease.
We recommend pick ups and hand carry.

Q28. We sometimes see kue lapis selling shops in Batam with big 'LAYER' wording or purple colour themed counters/stores, are they your outlets?
A28. No. There have been many cases of such occurence. If you ask them if they are LAYERS, they will say yes. The only REAL Layers Batam outlets are the ones which sells cakes using our signature packaging and display our logo. Only our Harbour Bay, Sekupang, and BCS Mall outlets has purple designed interior. Our nagoya Hill Mall outlet is in orange and Red / Yellow. While our Mega mall outlet is in brown.