Lamoist layer cakes is finished - preorder (Nov 13)


Best lapis in BCS mall(Nov 13)

Best kue lapis in Batam in bcs mall

Best kue lapis store in Batam is attacked1 (Nov 13)

The crowd attack the best kue lapis store in town

Aileen Tan in Lamoist Layers batam shop

Celebrity calls in Lamoist Layers batam Kue Lapis

Lamoist Shop Nagoya Hill2

Its Lamoist in Nagoya Hill

Lamoist Shop Nagoya Hill1

Its Lamoist in Nagoya Hill

Home made kue Lapis / 2008

Baked layers by layers per tray - not by huge tray and cuts - 100% hand made

Hand made varieties / 2008

Cakes ready for surface finishing

Our Signature carrying bag

Our signature box, purple / maroon in color, and with golden logo

Mr Tan on his visit to Batam

Viva la Singapore !!

Spore celebrities got our cakes !!

Best kue lapis in Batam

Our counters at nagoya Hill Food street

Our cake is loved by Layer cakes anthusiasts

The crowd never lies

Hmmmm, which one should I get for my mom and brothers ??

We're just infront of A&W restaurant

Remember, we are infront, not opposite A&W

Crowds at NHM1

Come com - only the best and the freshest in town

Symbol of quality

Layers logo is formed by the letter “ L ”, which is abbreviated from LAYERS Batam, and also formed by left hand forming BIG THUMBS UP !! Symbol of our never ceasing commitment to quality and service

Sekupang International Ferry Terminal Outlet

Sales and Pick up point


Only the best for you, our dear customers

Our signature Chinese New Year box

Specialties for your love ones

Our Lamoist Hong Bao Packets

Brought to you by Lamoist